Tianhe Waterfall

The new axis line of Guangzhou stretches from Shougou Mount, Zhongxin Plaza, Tianhe Sports Centre, Central Avenue of Zhujiang new city and Haixin Sha Island to Chigang (south of Pear River). The most beautiful place along this axis line is the area of Green Square of Eastern Train Station and Zhongxin Plaza. In this area, the waterfall at Guangzhou Eastern Train Station is especially notable, attracting many people into calling it 'Huangguoshu of Guangzhou'. Closely adjacent to the waterfall is the Urban Green Square, area of which is ranked as the third largest in China. This square covers about 0.1 million square metres and the green area is 4.7 hectare

The Chen Clan Temple

The Chen Clan Temple, built in the 16th year of the Guangxu rein of Qing Dynasty (1890), was the academy of all the Chen clans in 72 counties of the then Guangdong Province. Savouring the architectures of South China necessitates visiting Guangzhou's Xiguan and Chen Clan Temple which is just the symbol of Xiguan architectures. In this temple that is renowned for its 'Three-Sculpture' (stone sculpture, wood sculpture, and brick sculpture), 'Three-Modelling' (ceramic modelling, plaster modelling, and colour modelling), and 'One-Cast' (iron), arts of folk architectural decorations prevailing in South China are assembled. The Chen Clan Temple is also called 'Top Temple of Guangdong'.
Guangdong Olympic Sports Centre
Guangdong Olympic Centre is a modern comprehensive sports field specially built for undertaking The 9th National Games of People's Republic of China. The main venue that can host about 80000 audiences covers the area of 0.3 million square metres, and is one of the sports fields in Asia that has the biggest scale and the best ancillary facilities. The rooftop has completely broken the traditional design concept of circular roofs adopted in most stadiums, and pioneers the ribbon-style roof design in China.

Huang Hua Gang Park

It was called Honghua Gang previously and built to commemorate the Huangxin-led Guangzhou Revolt by Revolutionary Party. On the front gate tower, there are large golden characters of 'Notable Spirit Forever' handwritten by Sun Yat-sen. Inside is the 230-metre-long grand tomb passage with green cypresses and exuberant yellow flowers lining along the two sides. Past Pan Pool and the stone arch bridge, the towering gravestone of the 72 martyrs appear in the front.
Guangdong Provincial Museum
Guangdong Provincial Museum situated on Wenming Road was once the site of Guangdong's imperial examination hall during the Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1911), and later of Zhongshan University. The Dazhong (Big Bell) Tower, which is now the Lu Xun Memorial Hall, once served as the administrative office for Zhongshan University, and was the site of the First Congress of the Kuomintang.

Yue Xiu Mountain

Yuexiu Mountain gets its name after the ancient Yue Wang Terrace. Yuexiu Park, located between the two main trunk roads Huanshi Road and Dongfeng Road is now the biggest comprehensive cultural and recreational park in Guangzhou. Leaning on Yuexiu Mountain, it covers 0.8 million square metres. On the other hand, surrounded by downtown area, it is not only proud of its Five Goat Statue and Zhenhai Tower, the two landmark architectures of Guangzhou, but also famous for its lake view and mountain scene as well as its quietness in a noisy city.
Night Cruise along the Pearl River on a Luxury Ship
Peal River is the mother river of Guangzhou. 23 kilometres of scenery corridor has been gradually shaped along Pearl River. The water is clearer each day and the most amazing is the night scene of Pearl River. When night comes, with the light shining, the five big bridges, People Bridge, Liberation Bridge, Haizhu Bridge, Jiangwan Bridge and Haiyin Bridge will resemble five rainbows falling upon the world. Gorgeous lights and emerald trees are produced along the river, and the beautiful and shining cruise ships will leisurely make their ways in the river.

Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain has always been one grand famous mountain in South China. Since ancient times, it has been titled as 'The First Beauty of Goat City'. The peak is Mt. Moxing with the altitude of 382 metres, renowned as 'The First Peak of Tiannan'. The whole landscape area is 30 square metres with green coverage ratio more than 95%. Ancient trees stretching up into the sky are everywhere. Green hills and clear waters, as well as bird twitter and flower fragrance can fascinate anyone.
Lotus Mountain
Altitude of the main lotus peak is 105 metres and it is composed of 40 massifs. It gets its name Lotus Mountain after the bolt upright lotus stone on it. Coming to Panyu Lotus Hill Resort that is called 'Lotus Wonder', you will find a style that is totally different from that of Baiyun Mountain. Lotus Mountain has the special scene that combines ancient toughness and modern elegance together while Baiyun Mountain is proud of its tenderness and pure beauty. Here in Lotus Mountain, the ancient quarry site left from ancient times has a history more than 2000 years (the only one in China). This quarry site is well known for its rock spectacle that is characterized as 'accidental man-made wonder from nature's creation'. The cliff, astonishing rock and strange caves have been enjoying the fame of 'man-made Danxia'. Climbing up the Lotus Mountain, tourists can also visit historic sites, such as lotus tower built in Wanli's rein of Ming Dynasty, lotus city built in Kangxi's rein of Qing Dynasty, etc.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall stands at the foot of Yuexiu Mountain and is linked by stone steps with the Memorial Monument of Dr. Sun Yat-sen on the top of the mountain. A bronze statue of Dr. Sun stands inside the hall, along with records of Dr. Sun's political career.

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